It was Saturday Feb 29, 2020. A year ago today; oh well there is no 29th this year. I was working at the pharmacy and we heard the News that the first Covid death in the U.S was found in a nursing home in Kirkland close to our pharmacy. Apparently people heard the News too that morning. Everything was happening really fast. The pharmacist and I had to be working for 12 hour shifts. We were bombarded by patients and people everywhere. The store ran out of almost everything, acetaminophen, cold medications, soap, alcohol, forget about the masks. That same week we had to merge another store’s prescriptions into ours because it was closing so the work load was increasing already.

I could not feel my feet that night as I had to run around way too much with ten times the work load. Everybody was there to get their medications and go stay home for months. It was one of the hectic days that I never forget. I am sure all the healthcare staff have experienced hectic days for sure worse than this.

I came home and thought about the call I had with the advisors from the bootcamp at University of Washington the day before. I was doubting the cost of the program for a while from the first call in December until then. But a voice in my head was telling me “Do it”. I had decided to go for it on Friday and that was the hope gluing me back together to not fall apart while working on Saturday. I could not wait any longer to hear back from the Med school on the waitlist status. I wanted to be working on something exciting.

I opened a credit card and used it to pay for tuition with no interest for a while. I then decided that worst comes to worst, I will pick up hours and pay the debt. I also didn’t tell people around me about what the cost of the thing I am doing is. I could probably hear things like “Are you crazy , there is Covid killing people and you are going under more debt?”

But guess what, It all worked out perfectly at the end.

Now that it is a year from that first day of the bootcamp I did. I think big stuff. I can think of starting my own business. I can bring every single one of my ideas into existence. It was one of the best learning and project experiences I have had. I can’t thank the team at Trilogy and University of Washington Coding bootcamp enough for holding my hand for three months until I learn to walk; walk into tech.

Software Engineer. Seattle, WA